WAHM Resource: HatchedIt Digital Planner

This review originally appeared in Dainty Mom (February 2012).

According to Salary.com, the job of family CEO should pay $134,121.00 per year.  That family CEO is known by a more common household (pun intended) name: MOM. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a mom who has chosen to work from home, being a home manager is an executive-level position that entailsmanaging multiple schedules within tight budgetary constraints, while staying focused on the emotional and physical needs of others.

hatchedit_logoThis was the seed behind HATCHEDit.com, a new online productivity and home management tool specifically created to assist the chief executive officer of every family:  MOM. Just as executives in the professional world have access to many tools that allow them to streamline how they manage their business, HATCHEDit.com’s aim is to fundamentally change the way moms and family CEOs manage their life.

Conceptualized by two former corporate moms who were looking to find executive-type management tools to help family CEOs manage the business of running a family, HATCHEDit.com utilizes an online dashboard of social networking and productivity tools. It not only allows the user to manage their personal schedule, it also allows them to better leverage the social collaboration aspects of the Internet while being able to manage their family and home.


My HatchedIt bulletin board



From CEO and co-founder, Kirsten Bischoff: “We spoke to many women and found that most were utilizing archaic methods to communicate with their family or to plan schedules and budget time.  Typically they use whiteboards and paper calendars, or struggle with hardware based programs that make syncing and interacting with other family members very difficult.” Seeing the need for a productivity and time management tool that could manage family events while keeping all key family members in the loop, Kirsten and her business partner, Megan Brown (who is also her sister-in-law) conceptualized HATCHEDit.com’s online organization tool.

HATCHEDit is — very simply put — an online “whiteboard.” It’s an all-in-one FREE organizing platform that includes a family calendar, an address book, updating news feeds, and a place to curate important events, photos, and pegs from around the Internet that are important to you and your family.

In short, you can finally say goodbye to those sticky notes on your refrigerator door. **smile**

The Android HATCHEDit app


What makes HATCHEDit unique is its collaborative function. It makes communication between family members fluid, and allows the exchange of important information between the people and members of your family who can help you manage your home and work life more efficiently.

For example: Let’s say you’re having your sister-in-law watch your kids for a weekend afternoon. With your permission (through validation online), your sister-in-law can access your HATCHEDin calendar so that she knows when your kids are coming over while you and your hubby attend an event.

You can even leave babysitter and au pair information on the HATCHEDit.com online whiteboard. Simply give your child’s babysitter or caregiver access to your family’s key contacts–family doctor, grandparents, teachers, etc–and you’ll never have to leave notes on the fridge ever again. You can also control who can access your Member account by customizing the settings in your Account Settings.

Open your FREE Hatched It account today! Just log into www.hatchedit.com to activate your personal online whiteboard. Available for Android, too.


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