Review: “How to be a Work at Home Mom” ebook by The Mom Writes

This review originally appeared on Dainty Mom (February 2012).

I’ve been working at home for a year and half now. It just came naturally for me to do so, after I became a mom. I started doing freelance writing on the side, while I was still an employee. Eventually, I started writing full-time, and managed to get jobs from online forums and freelance writing job boards. I eventually set up my own system for working from home, from managing my household duties, the baby, my clients, and my blogging.

I really felt my way around, learning as I went, documenting my life lessons here on the blog, in hopes that I would be able to work out this work-at-home lifestyle I had chosen to live. That’s because I didn’t have one go-to guide that could help me navigate this world of the work-at-home mom. Until, one day, one of my blogging heroes came up with one! And I’m SO glad that she did.

The review: How to be a Work-at-Home Mom eBook by Prerna Malik


Disclaimer: The Mom Writes gave me a free copy of this program so that I could review it. This is not a paid review; all opinions and text are mine.

I had the opportunity to review the eBook, which, I believe, spells out the WAHM lifestyle succinctly. After all, Prerna has been working from home successfully for four years, from starting out as a web writer to nowowning her own online businessSocial Media Direct. Wow! Her life’s journey as a WAHM is something we can all aspire to, if we want to. And her eBook can help you pave the way for that.


What you’ll get:

The How to be a Work-at-Home Mom eBook consists of 70 pages worth of real information. In a nutshell, here’s what it’s about:

  • Getting started on the work-at-home journey: how to find jobs, avoid scam operations, how to build up your knowledge base using free resources online, and tips from some of the top mompreneurs online;
  • How to set your rates properly, pitch clients, come up with small biz productivity systems;
  • How to create a workspace and work-at-home schedule so that you can manage your home, nurture your marriage, take care of your family, and stay fit;
  • How to firm up a “cheerleading squad” for your work-at-home lifestyle, from forming social media networks that will keep you inspired yet productive, to increasing your visibility as a professional;
  • A work-at-home mom Toolkit with useful aids that can help you with everything from planning, budgeting, productivity and output–an amazing resource that will save you time and money as you begin your work-at-home journey.

Why it’s great for work-at-home moms:

1. It’s so simple to read. Prerna is direct and simple in her delivery of tips and action steps for you, as a work-at-home mom. Reading her eBook would be like, I imagine, talking with her on the phone or on Skype: Everything is written clearly, spelled out simply so that you can carry out what you’ve just learned. I appreciate her “Reminders to Yourself” tips at the end of each section in the eBook, where she presents you with an actionable tip that can help you immediately apply what you’ve learned, so you won’t forget it.

2. It tackles practical, often forgotten aspects, of being a work-at-home mom. I love how specific the eBook is. From tips on how to get drink more water during the day, to setting out your clothes for the next day of work, Prerna covers some often forgotten aspects of working from home. I love that, because often, eBooks focus so much on the technical, business and profitability aspects. The How to be a Work-at-Home Mom eBook focuses on our REAL issues as parents who work from home, such as meal planning, attending to our kids, balancing our home duties with client duties. Prerna presents applicable tips that can have you managing your home AND work better, so that you can focus on what’s important to you while building up a business.

3. It provides real solutions to common work-at-home setbacks. I became a fan of Prerna’s blog, even before this eBook came out, because it was SO specific about finding real solutions to real problems. Prerna’s not a fan of generalization; in fact, the Productivity downloads that come with the eBook help you to get down to specifics, so that you can identify those common problem areas as a work-at-home parent and FIX them. I love that she tackles work-at-home isolation, time completion aids, and even sleep tips, because these were EXACTLY my problem areas when I began working from home. This is why I believe that–for beginning and aspiring work-at-home moms–this eBook will be a godsend. It’s basically a step-by-step map to getting you launched as the productive work-at-home mom that YOU want to be.

4. It connects you with real work-at-home mom mentors and resources. Perhaps my favorite sections of the eBook are the testimonials and actionable words of wisdom from Prerna’s own mentors. These women, such as Heather Allard and Angela England, to name a few, are all fabulous work-at-home mothers and Internet mavens who’ve mastered the art of the WAHM lifestyle–and are profiting from it, too! It motivated me to find my own mentor for the WAHM lifestyle.

5. It’s filled with ideas for work-at-home business. The Toolkit, as I mentioned before, is a valuable resource, and only available in this eBook. You’ll find some awesome resources, job ideas, lists and online forums and websites that will help you firm up your work-at-home business.

The verdict

This eBook is, practically, the “go-to” book I was looking for in my early days as a work-at-home mom. While I had to set up my own systems and figure out an entire framework for myself, Prerna’s eBook can do the job for YOU, if you are considering the work-at-home-mom lifestyle. For $17.00, this eBook is a small investment to a potential goldmine of work-at-home opportunities.

Even before this eBook came out, I carved a work-at-home-mom career for myself by myself. As a WAHM, I’ve more than doubled my previous income, and still have more time for my family, flexible hours and more fun. We even eat better and healthier because I am able to stay home and cook our meals. Best of all, I’m able to be with my family–which is my top priority, and the reason why I wanted to become a WAHM in the first place. With the How to be a Work-at-Home Mom ebook by Prerna Malik, you can begin rocking a work-at-home lifestyle right away, without the trial and error process I went through.


The “How to be a Work at Home Mom” eBook retails for $17.00. For more information on how to purchase this fine eBook, visit The Mom Writes Shop.

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