Can You Maintain a Steady Income as a Work-at-Home Mom? Some Thoughts.

One of the most common concerns of would-be or potential working moms is: “Will I have a steady income as a work at home mom?” As a mom who had a steady income from a job with a monthly salary, I can understand. I know how difficult it is to think of giving up that employee status and security of the monthly income. However, it is possible to make the transition from working girl to work at home woman or mom, and to have a regular stream of income coming in. There just needs to be some kind of “prep time” before you cut ties.

Start slow, at first

One option to consider when you’re starting off is freelancing, especially if you are still at an office-based job. In fact, many moms begin WAHM-ing this way: They opt to do outsourced work with the goal of achieving a regular stream of supplemental income, which can eventually become a full time source of income.

It was this way with me.  When I first started thinking about working from home, I actually did freelance writing jobs part-time. I would work at my regular job in the morning, and in the evenings (sometimes the weekend), I’d write for other blogs and businesses. Since the sideline job was flexible, I could fi it into my schedule and still earn a decent income from it, without giving up my day job.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to WAHM-ing, this is a set up you could consider. Just remember: Start slow. Becoming a work-at-home mom won’t happen overnight, because it’s a whole new lifestyle you have to adapt to. Start by looking for flexible, flexi-time jobs, then see how things go. (Jobs like writing, virtual assistance, or any type of Internet-based work are readily available in online job boards, Craigslist, and freelance hubs such as Elance or Odesk.)

Prepare for irregular income streams

One important thing to remember when looking for these types of jobs? Regularity. As long as you are able to work for companies or businesses in need of regular services, you can count on a steady stream of income. Why? Because many of these types of clients or employers have a retainer or a monthly salary arrangement. If you can offer a service that merits this type of work arrangement, then go for it. In my experience, what usually works for these types of jobs ar virtual assistance, online writing, and data entry. (In some cases, consultancy can also work on a retainer arrangement with a client.)

making money FreeDigitalPhotosAnother important thing to consider before you let go of your current job is your financial war chest,  or simply your savings. If you’re considering making the switch from full time employee to full time WAHM, you need to prepare for the inevitable financial slump that comes with job hunting. It’s a good idea while you’re still working to begin building up a financial war chest to tide you over.

You can, technically, save up enough to eventually “pay” yourself as you get settled into your home based business or work setup. However, in order to do this, you will have to set aside savings while you are still at your old job.

Are you a work at home mom, or thinking about becoming one? What are your concerns?

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  1. You hit my concerns in this blog for certain! My dh and I have beentalking about me becoming a WAHM but am nervous about the income and stress level.

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