Why You Need a Website if You’re a Work at Home Mom

need a website

I notice that a growing number of mompreneurs have been relying on Facebook for their online stores or other mom-biz related marketing, promotions, and the like.  Some even use the platform to run their online sales, thanks to the available apps that can be used on your business or fan pages. This is all good, of course: Facebook still is the best way to share information and engage others, according to experts.

However, it stops there. While Facebook is good for info-sharing and engagement, it is not the best way to market your services as a work at home mom or mompreneur. In fact, experts warn us small business owners and freelancers from depending too much on the Facebook platform. Why? Simply because we have no control over what might happen to our Facebook accounts, the next time a big change comes along. The same goes for any other social networks we use: Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

According to Small Business Search Marketing, having your own website is the key to the success of your business. Your website essentially is your online hub: It is your virtual business card, your office, and your primary marketing platform all rolled into one. Social media networks are merely the “roads” to your online home: They are where you go to “meet” people, to connect with potential clients, all of whom you can go up to and say, “Hey, there! Would you like to come over to my place? It’s awesome.”

Reasons why you need a website

If you’ve not yet looked into creating your own website, then begin to consider setting one up soon! Here are seven reasons why you need a website, especially if you are a freelance work at home mom or a mompreneur.

1. It is professional. When you have a professional website, you stake your claim on some online real estate, which shows that you are serious about what you do.  You can brand yourself distinctly and authentically, which reflects on your website design, offerings and products. Unlike Facebook (where fan pages and business pages look and feel the same), you can create a customized website that really brings out your unique brand message, as a freelancer or business owner.

2. It provides you with a marketing platform. Your website is the perfect way to exhibit your skills. If you’re a graphic designer, for example, your website can effectively showcase your completed works. If you’re a virtual assistant, you can feature client testimonials on your website. You can’t market yourself this way as effectively on social media, since people in social media generally do not want to be sold to. Instead, they want to engage, connect, even just find laughs or inspiration.

3. Clients will expect you to have one! Both existing and potential clients will expect you to have a website. That’s just how business is these days! They’ll want to refer to your website from time to time, whether for information on your services, or for any valuable business input you provide on your blog. 

4. You can build your list of clients and leads, through certain website features. Ideally, your website should have a sign-up form that captures the email addresses and names of visitors. See the example below? That’s the WAHMderful Life website’s opt-in form: People can sign up to receive email updates about WAHMderful Life. At the same time, I collect their contact information, which I can use as part of my marketing plan.

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 5.06.34 AM

The WAHMderful Life website has a mailing list opt-in form, where web visitors can input their email addresses.

For example: When I want to tell my WAHMderful readers about a new service or workshop being offered, I can whip up an email and send it to every person who has opted to give me their email addresses and names, using this form. Email is a sure delivery method: When they open their inbox, they will know about my latest offerings.

Email lists let you retain your client database long after you’ve taken down your website, or let go of a Facebook fan page. You can’t achieve the same results on Facebook and other social media networks. Since status updates go by so fast (and are only seen by a fraction of your fans), there’s no guarantee all your fans or followers will see them. Email is still also the no. 1 marketing tool for all businesses.

5. Your website traffic is your own traffic. When a visitor lands on your website, he or she is your customer, a part of your website’s unique Web traffic. They are your captive audience, especially if you power up your website with an opt-in feature (see #4). If you merely attract people to your Facebook page, you actually give traffic to Facebook, not to anything you have control over.

6. Your website is the only thing online you have absolute control over. You can write your own thoughts, opinions and beliefs on your website. You can add as many features as you want, and customize these to your specific needs. You also have full editorial control of what content you publish, from your About page to your blog articles. This is not so with Facebook (because of several policies for business owners and page owners), or with Twitter (because of space limitations).

Social media channels have their place, of course. Used strategically, they can bring people and prospects to your website. So don’t build your business on social media platforms themselves. Instead, leverage social media towards your own website, your own platform. .

Have you built your own website, specifically for your freelancing services or your business? Why or why not? Did today’s article help you out? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


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  1. I used to think that I don’t need to do this but over the past few months, something deep inside me tells me that I SHOULD have my own website… Now, how to start, is another question…

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    Great post seen it today! As a WAHM myself I really do understand the value in having your own website. In fact thats how I came up with the idea for my own business now that is all I do is build websites for this market! Love your post will share for sure.


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