Real WAHM: Julia Jasmine Madrazo-Sta. Romana, freelance writer and virtual assistant

481354_10151295042896722_492850055_nName: Julia Jasmine Madrazo-Sta Romana
WAHM Occupation:Writer/Virtual Assistant

1. Hi! Thanks for being a WAHM guest on the WAHMderful Life. Please tell me a little bit about yourself, your family, and what work you do from home.

My name is Julia Jasmine M. Sta Romana and I’m a writer/virtual assistant based here in Davao City. My wonderfully supportive husband, Jam, works as a trainer in a BPO company and I have a little girl, Justine Bianca, who is about to start school this June. I am a native Dabawenya, but I went to college in UP Diliman, worked in Makati for 5 years and met my husband through an unusual set of circumstances. I was actually a scientist by education (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, what a mouthful) but writing is my true passion.

2. What made you decide to become a work at home mom?

There were several factors that made me decide to become a work at home mom. First was my difficult pregnancy. The commute to and fro between Makati and Quezon City was taking a serious toll on my health. My work as a Medical Information Analyst as a Makati KPO at that time allowed me to telecommute but I know this situation wasn’t going to last once I had my baby.

Second was my lack of childcare options. I didn’t have a yaya and my husband and I didn’t have any relatives who could take care of our baby for us while we were working. We figured that if I was going to miss a lot of work in order to take care of my child, might as well work from home.

Lastly, my husband and I wanted to be actively involved in taking care of our daughter. We didn’t want her to cling to a yaya. We want to know what happens to her everyday and we want her to come to us, not to a yaya, when she’s sad or in pain.

Good thing I was doing a bit of freelance writing even before I got pregnant, so my sister (also a WAHM) helped me find a regular writing gig and the rest is history.

3. What are some of your challenges as a WAHM?

The biggest challenge I had as a WAHM was my daughter’s ever changing schedule. She was a baby when I started working so every few months or so I had to adjust my work schedule according to her body clock. When she slept most of the day, I was able to work comfortably. But when she started having fewer naps it was getting harder to work and do the chores during the day, so I had to work until late at night or early morning. Good thing I had great neighbors who had kids the same age, we would take turns having a “daycare” so I could work and do chores. Eventually, we were able to hire a maid to help with the chores so I could focus on working and the baby.

The other challenge was when I was starting out, there were a lot of people who didn’t believe that I could do it or they thought that I was wasting my career to be a housewife. Good thing I had a really supportive husband who cheered me on even during those times when I started doubting myself. One of the most beautiful things my husband ever said to me was: “I support in whatever you decide to do because I believe you can make anything work.”

4. How has being a WAHM benefited you and your family?

First and foremost, being a WAHM has helped my marriage because it has allowed me to spend more time with my husband. When I was still working in an office, even before I got pregnant, my husband and I didn’t spend a lot of time together. Our schedule rarely coincided, we both worked more than 9 hours days per day, we had long commutes to and from work, and we both sometimes work on the weekends.

Most parents say that having kids drains the romance out of the marriage. But for us, it was the opposite because my being a WAHM allowed us to spend more time together. Yes, our daughter is demanding but my husband and I now have more moments now where we can just be together, not like before when we barely saw each other.

Another benefit of being a WAHM is that my husband and I are able to raise our child the way we want her to be raised. As parents, we’re a bit unusual. We don’t follow conventions; we allow our daughter “boy’s toys” and we let her dress however she likes. We let her rough-house and explore. We know that wouldn’t be possible with a nanny. We wanted to share with her our “geekiness”, our love for technology and science fiction. We wanted to witness her imagination and creativity first hand and be the ones to nurture it.

5. What kind of services do you offer as a WAHM/What is your line of business as a WAHM?

Right now my plate is pretty full. I’m a full-time VA for and I contribute weekly to GMA News Online. I guess the only thing I can ask for right now is if you have any news and it’s happening in Davao, please let me know. And if you’re a parent and you want to try out your hand at becoming a work at home mom or dad, you can visit my website I post new jobs every day, except on the weekends, plus tips and advice on how to become a work at home parent.


  1. Yey! From Davao… Nice feature, Martine… Now you REALLy have to visit Davao so we can meet up… :)


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