Recap: WAHMderful Life “Real Ways to be a WAHM” Re-Run


We recently concluded our third WAHMderful Life workshop, “Real Ways to be a WAHM – The Re-Run” on April 13, 2013. Studio SnR played host to 37 budding moms (and dads!), who were all geared up to learn about the WAHM life. Since this was a re-run of our January workshop, the breakouts remained the same: writing jobs and virtual assistance. This time around, the workshop breakouts were smaller, giving the instructors more time and space to really connect with the attendees.

WAHMderful April 2013 1

Plenary session on the “WAHM Sisterhood” and the importance of natural networking between WAHMs.


Our major sponsor, Ko Kard Philippines


WAHMs hanging out during the break!

(For more photos of the event, visit Manila Workshops on Facebook.)

We’d like to say huge thank-you’s to the following people:

Manila WorkshopsProps to Patty Cuyugan and Aldwin Angeles, who were our event coordinators for the day. You two were awesome! Thank you to Manila Workshops’ Managing Director, Ginger Arboleda, for being such an amazing business partner and for making the WAHMderful Life Workshops possible each time!

Ko-Kard, for sponsoring our event at Major Sponsor. We learned the history of Ko-Kard from CEO Ken, who shared some inspiring insights into entrepreneurship and the “journey” of Ko-Kard as a successful business. (Thanks, Ken!) Ko-Kard offers the most affordable transfer-to-bank rates in the Philippines. It is the perfect payment and transaction card for those who receive remittances and payments online, so we at the WAHMderful Life Community highly recommend it as the preferred payment method for all our WAHMs!

Studio SnR, for being an awesome event venue, as always. This is the second time the WAHMderful Life workshops have been held in Studio SnR, and we have always been well taken care of. Thanks to the warm and generous staff, too!

VA Support Pro, our instructors for the Virtual Assistance break out. These ladies, Marge Aberasturi and Jenn Tan, are the dynamic duo of VAs! They are the WAHMderful Life’s official VA partners, because they are authentic, passionate and trusted professionals who have earned a reputation for being excellent at their job. We’re very grateful for them!

Our minor sponsors: Thank you to Balsam Brands, Xend Business Solutions, and Black Beauty Philippines, for supporting our workshop!


This run was hugely successful, in that we got to connect more ably with the participants. With a smaller set to work with, the instructors were able to tackle more specific questions from their respective break-out “students,” and there was more time for general networking. The hour-long “networking” session in the morning provided the moms and dads with a nurturing environment for discussion, even collaboration.

Our next workshop is slated for June-July 2013. If you haven’t yet filled up the survey for our next workshop, please take time out to do so. We love serving up workshops that are tailor-made for our WAHMs!

‘Til the next workshop!


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