What Goes on in a Work-at-Home Mom Mastermind?

WAHMderful Master Mind TARP

We’ll be having our very first WAHMderful Mastermind tomorrow at Mothercare Bonifacio Global City

What is a mastermind?

The best definition of a mastermind is this:

Masterminding is two or more people working together toward a goal or vision. When you mastermind, you hold a vision for someone else and they do the same for you; you use your combined energy to attract and create your dreams. This doesn’t mean that you are working on the same projects together, although you can. It only means that you are supporting each other in your visions, you are ‘holding’ a vision for someone, visualizing their dreams as if they are already a reality. — Sandy Grayson, Sandy Grayson Coaching

Napoleon Hill — one of the pioneering thought leaders in person success theory — first laid out the idea of masterminding. Hill believed that —

“The ‘Master Mind’ may be defined as the coordination of knowledge and effort in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose. When a group of individual brains are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual brain the group.” — Napoleon Hill

This is exactly what our WAHMderful Mastermind is all about. It’s about:

  • coordinating our knowledge of working at home;
  • sharing our individual experiences, while —
  • working for a specific purpose

In our case, we want to be able to support one another towards our WAHM goals, whatever they may be. Everyone in the group will have a different attainment purpose, a different goal that they want to reach. The idea is that the combined energy of the mastermind members helps everyone achieve their purpose or goal.

The Mastermind Format

Here’s a basic format of a mastermind session (such as the ones we’ll be having in Mothercare BGC this year).

Intros & Hellos

Since all of the WAHMderful Mastermind members will have met during previous WAHMderful Workshops, we’ll just do a simple ‘getting to know you’ at the start of each session. This will take about 5-20 minutes before the session, depending on how much time you’ll have in the program. (We have about two hours for each Mastermind session, from 11:30AM – 1:30PM)

The Guided Session

This is the central portion of the mastermind session, where everyone participates and contributes to a discussion. It will mostly be a free-for-all type of discussion, but we will have guided themes so that everyone has some solid takeaways at the end of the session. For the first session, “The Heart of the Work-at-Home Parent,” we’ll be discussion the following:

  • What is one thing that is currently working really well in your work-at-home life?
  • What is one thing you are struggling with, or one thing that you would like to brainstorm about this Mastermind session (and over the coming weeks)?
  • What is a helpful tool or resource that has helped you in your work-at-home life, which you believe will help others in the group? (This could be an ebook, a book, a blog, a podcast, a service, etc.)

It’s important for everyone to take notes during this time, and also exchange email addresses with people in the Mastermind whom they believe they most connect with and resonate with.

Parting & Intention-Setting for Next Mastermind

At the end of the Mastermind, each member should go home with the following:

  • A resource that they will try before the next Mastermind;
  • A specific area of improvement that they will work on and report on for the next Mastermind.

Remember our objective: Those who successfully complete the Masterminds this 2014 will be eligible to win a cash grant to start their very own homebased business (mompreneurship or freelance business). This is perfect for those who want to sell products and/or services, because you can use that money to fund your homebased business!

So that in a nutshell is what will go on in our Masterminds. There’s no “leader” or “main speaker,” take note. Everyone is expected to participate, share and empower the other group members. After all, it is the shared energy, effort and enthusiasm that will help fuel the sisterhood in the WAHMderful community and keep us ever-reaching for our goals.

Are you excited for our WAHM Masterminds? What are you “bringing” to the table? Share with us in the comments!

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