Updated Schedules for 2014 Workshops and WAHM Events

WAHMderful Workshops Schedule 2014

Manila Workshops and the WAHMderful Life have been collaborating on workshops for work-at-home moms since 2012.¬†We’re posting our UPDATED SCHEDULE for work-at-home mom workshops for 2014. We have only ONE workshop left this year, and it’s on June 28. Our next event will be way in October na. Hope you can all join the WAHM 101 this coming June 28!

As always for previous WAHMderful Workshop attendees, the WAHM Mastermind events are free-of-charge. Ladies who have not attended the 2012-2014 WAHM workshops but would like to attend the Masterminds need to pay Php600 upon entrance. It’s really best to purchase a WAHM Workshop, though, so that you can get into all three Masterminds for free and qualify for our Mommy Startup Pitch Party in November, where WAHMs can present their business proposals and get a chance to win startup funding!

For any questions, please email us at hello@wahmderfullife.com or visit www.manilaworkshops.com

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