Work at Home Weekend 2014, the work-at-home event of the year

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You know, I began the WAHMderful Community as a small group on Facebook of about less than 10 moms. I called it “Manila Work-at-Home Moms,” because all the WAHMs I knew of were based in Manila. That was early 2012, when I bought this domain name, “,” and started dreaming about a community of like-minded women who believed in the lifestyle of “making a living while making a home.”

In the beginning, a handful were there to help the first-ever gathering/workshop of work at home moms:

The first batch of WAHMs, during the planning stages of the very first WAHMderful Life Workshop: (L-R) Marge, me, Toni, and Michelle.

The first batch of WAHMs, during the planning stages of the very first WAHMderful Life Workshop: (L-R) Marge, me, Toni, and Michelle.


The “originals” of the WAHMderful Workshops, during our first ever WAHMderful Workshop on Oct 26, 2012: Ginger Arboleda of Manila Workshops (our workshop director); yours truly (;; Marge Aberasturi a.k.a. “The Happy WAHM“; Jenn Tan, a.k.a “The Techie Mom“. Seated: Toni Tiu ( and Michelle Padrelanan (

It’s been two good years. And we’ve just been growing bigger as a community! Today, our private and exclusive Facebook community of work-at-home moms — those who’ve been to our workshops and were part of that initial community of Manila-based WAHMs — number well over 1,000 members. We’ve been told it is one of the most nurturing, supportive and genuinely thoughtful Facebook communities ever:

Our exclusive, invitation-only community for WAHMs. Request an invitation at

Our exclusive, invitation-only community for WAHMs. Request an invitation at

Through the years, we have encouraged, pray for, and challenged each other as homebased workers. We have laughed together, cried together, empathized with one another. We have had dozens of workshops on every aspect of being a work-at-home professional, thanks to Manila Workshops, who produces these events. We have challenged each other even in other aspects, such as health and wellness, all for the better.

If you have been looking for a community to belong to, as a work at home individual, then join us. Whether you’re a mom or not, we are YOUR tribe because we fully understand and live the lifestyle each day of the work-at-home professional.

WAHMderful Weekend main

Our annual Work at Home Weekend, last October 2013.

It’s time to meet up, all work-at-homies!

This October 25, 2014, at the Insular Life Multi-purpose Hall, the WAHMderful Life Community and Manila Workshops bring you the Work-at-Home Weekend Expo. Not just for moms anymore! It will be the first time that we will bring together all aspiring and budding work-at-home individuals will get together to learn more about running a business, being a topnotch freelancer, and excellence in location-independent work. It will also give work-at-home professionals, homebased, and online businesses the opportunity showcase each of their products or services.

We are inviting you to come and join us!

wahmderful 2014

This event is Co-Presented by Unilab.

There will be very inspiring speakers and booth exhibitors to visit during the event. Topics for the expo will be:

  • Business Ideation: Profitable Business Ideas by Jeff Cua
  • How to Land Your First Virtual Assistant Gig by Clarissa Hana Pangan
  • How to Create a Winning Business Plan & Reach Your Perfect Clients
  • How to Get (and Keep!) Your Freelance Writing Jobs by Tina Rodriguez
  • How To Succeed & Not Suck at Social Media Management
  • Money Smarts: Beginner Level Investing & Personal Finance by Fitz Villafuerte
  • Legalizing Your Business the Hassle-Free Way by Dandy C. Victa
  • Retail Therapy: How to Set Up Your Import Business & Make Your Sales
  • Computer 101: How to use and care for your investment by Jennyfer Ang Tan
  • Be a Photo Editor: Basic Photo Editing & Photography Jobs by Kimberley Timbol-Reyes
  • Managing your Kids while Working at Home by Mariel Uyquiengco
  • Eating Right & Easy Meals when you’re a Busy-holic by Lourdes Labii

The fees are the following:

Entrance Fee (will not attend any talk; fees apply to those who are
21 years old and above only. Children are free to enter): Php 100

Workshop pass (need not pay entrance fee separately):

  • Php 350 to attend 1 class/topic
  • Php 900 to attend 3 classes/topics
  • Php 1,500 for an unlimited class pass  (Outstanding value!!)

Incentive: Those who pay for this workshop will get to attend the remaining Mastermind Sessions to be held on August 30, September 27 and October 4, for FREE.

Also, Bee Happy Crafts and Party Supplies will be raffling off a Start Your Own Crafting Business supply set on the day of the event for those who sign up for the talks! Check out what’s inside the business package!

Win a ticket to the WAH Expo!

Want to attend the Work at Home Expo for free? All you have to do is join this contest, and you could win one (1) unlimited class pass worth Php1,500, to attend ALL the talks you want on October 25!  Just follow these mechanics:

1. “Like” the following Facebook pages:

  • Manila Workshops
  • WAHMderful Community of Work at Home Moms

2. Follow the following on Twitter (Bonus point!

  • @ManilaWorkshops
  • @WAHMderful

3. Follow us on Instagram (Bonus point!)

  • @manilaworkshops

4. Leave a comment below, with the following:

  1. Your Facebook username
  2. Your Twitter username
  3. Your Instagram username
  4. Your email address (please put it on the comment field)
  5. Your comment on WHY you want to attend the Work-at-Home Weekend!

Winners will be announced by September 29th, 2014! So join now — it’s so easy!


  1. 1. Facebook – cecille.olila
    2. Twitter – @1sarisaristore
    3. Instagram – @cezzolila
    4. email –
    5. I want to attend the work-at-home-weekend expo, first, because I will have the chance to meet you guys who has been my inspiration and also because I know that I will be able to learn and improve myself by attending the seminars.

  2. joyca raflores says:

    Facebook username: joyca illescas raflores
    Twitter username: none
    Instagram username: joyca_raflores
    email address:
    I’d like to attend the work-at-home weekend because i would like to learn to manage home based work and how to balance it with having kids. :)

  3. 1.
    2. @2livelovelaugh5
    3. olskj
    5. I would like to attend the WAH Expo to further learn what’s oout there foor me as freelancer and to meet fellow work at home people and be inspired.

  4. Mary Drixkie Ann Bojador says:

    Facebook name: Me-Anne Palumar Bojador
    Twitter username: @DrixkieBojador
    Instagram username: miggynfox

    I would like to attend the WAHM Expo to learn about the kind of investments that is best for a work-from-home mom like me.
    I’m also really eyeing the business ideation and business plan talks. My husband and I tried a small business and we’re not really doing very well, I’m hoping to learn about what we can do to change that.
    It’s also exciting and nice to be able to take my son out with me somewhere, where fun and knowledge (for me) are tied together.

  5. Vicenta C. Rada says:

    Facebook username: Vicenta Castillo Rada
    Twitter username:vicenta1979
    Instagram username:vicenta1979
    Your email
    I want to attend the Work-at-Home Weekend simple because I want to learn more tips and technique on how to start working at home.I am a fulltime mother with two kids.I want to be more productive.A workshop like this is a big help and inspired to everybody. I hope I can make it.God willing.

  6. Mary Drixkie Ann Bojador says:

    Facebook username: Me-Anne Palumar Bojador
    Twitter username: @DrixkieBojador
    Instagram username: miggynfox

    I want to attend the WAHM Expo because I am aiming to learn more about handling a business wisely. My husband and I tried once and it didn’t go well so we want to learn more about how to survive longer, before heading for one more try. I’m also eyeing the investment guide talk, I reaaaallly want to be able to invest wisely, for my son’s future but have little idea on how to start.
    PLUS side, it will be a fun Day-out for me, my husband and our son, it’s been a while since we went anywhere further than our baranggay’s local grocery store. An expo like this seems fun and educational (for us parents) which is like hitting two birds with one stone.

  7. Rhea Buenavista says:





    I want to go to the WAHM Expo because I am excited to learn about what else I can do as a full pledged work-at-home Mom. I finally found the right people to look up to and I can’t wait to learn from all of these wonderful people! :)

  8. Facebook: sean gonzalvo
    Twitter: she tuble-gonzalvo (inblooms77)
    Instagram: she_tg77

    I want to attend the WAHM expo because a year ago i decided to quit my job in the corporate world and after 2 unsuccessful start-up business with friends. I suddenly realized how i missed my son’s activities for both school and home, and at the same time overlooked a very important thing ,that is his health. now, i’m a full-time mom doing small business on the side thru referrals from family and friends (only) to generate additional income (since i lost big time!). i’m trying to find the right people and venue to further see it’s potential while running a household :) god bless u all and looking forward to oct25!

  9. Your Facebook username: Jhocen Grace Ganiron-Valenciano
    Your Twitter username @stalinsmom
    Your Instagram username @stalinsmom
    Your email address

    I have been researching all week for work from home jobs. Luckily, I landed into this! Newbie in the homebased industry here! I hope I can win the passes so I can go home with some intellectual juice for this venture :D


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