Tasktics: A Lifesaving Companion for Busy Work at Home Moms, Like Us!


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Do you ever feel like — as a WAHM — you never have enough time to do everything on your to-do list? Of course you have! And I have, too. Now that I am fully and very roundly pregnant (!), I feel I have less time to accomplish all my tasks efficiently. Thankfully, I discovered a new resource for busy WAHMs like me, which has truly saved my sanity!

I had such a great experience recently using Tasktics.com an online service that provides efficient, fast and safe hiring of help when you need it. Allow me to get right into my Tasktics experience by telling you a bit about this company and the benefits they offer WAHMs like you and me.


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What is Tasktics?

Tasktics is a marketplace where people like work-at-home moms, busy entrepreneurs, homemakers and just about anyone really, can find help for activities that they themselves don’t have the time to do on their own. I like to see is as a time-saver for people who (1) want to delegate certain tasks that can be best accomplished by others, and (2) want to help provide jobs to people who can accomplish these delegated tasks for them, for a fair and reasonable price.

I love how Tasktics describes their core value:

We believe that time well spent lifts spirits, inspires individuals and makes for a more productive, happier society. — from Tasktics.com

Through Tasktics.com, a busy WAHM like me can find other awesome people to help me with activities that I otherwise won’t have the time to do myself, given my very busy schedule. Whether you need someone to fix your kitchen sink or pay an overdue electricity bill, to someone who can do your writing & editing work for you, or coordinate with suppliers for your kid’s birthday party. Tasktics’ screens and interviews “Super Pins” or task doers before they are allowed to post a profile within the website – which reviews their background and intentions, and ensures that they understand the platform and their responsibilities – an added layer of safety for task providers.

My Tasktics’ success story

I hired a Super Pin from Tasktics — Lecel — to be a Personal Assistant for a day for me, for my Blissmakerie 2014 event: a holiday event that gathered together a community of friends and collaborators in the blogging scene, here in Manila. Reasons for hiring a personal assistant were obvious:

– I was 7 months pregnant at the time (read: HUGE);

– I needed someone to be able to think for me, during the event, so I could focus on being the host and leader of the event;

– I needed a reliable person to handle things like welcoming guests, ushering them to seats, making sure everyone was present;

– I needed someone to assist me in the nitty-gritty, last minute parts of putting the event together, i.e. making sure the giveaways were complete, wrapping up raffle prizes and press kits, ensuring the venue was cleared and clean, post-event.

Thanks to Tasktics, Lecel managed to do EVERYTHING on my list! Here’s how I hired her:



I logged on to Tasktics.com and created a free account. You need to create an account to be able to post a job or task for Tasktics to process and make available to their registered Super Pins, a.k.a. “Super Pinoys”, who have varied skill sets (e.g. babysitting, plumbing, house cleaning, etc.).


Once you have created an account, you can start updating your Profile with your personal information. Here’s a shot of my User Account, which shows a summary of Tasks that I have either posted or Completed. This is a great feature of the User Accounts, becaus you can clearly see your hiring history and the Super Pins you’ve worked with.

In the Profile section, you can set your payment methods, too. I chose PayPal and credit card options as my preferred method of payment. Basically, when you pay for a task rendered, Tasktics’ centralized billing system will charge your account (PayPal or credit card) and bill you for the task rendered by a Super Pin. (The Super Pins are paid, likewise, by the Tasktics system.) The website charges you for the accepted task payment but will only release the payment once the task is finished and delivered.)

Any time you want to post a new Task, you just click “Post a Task” from the menu to get taken to a posting page.


Tasktics categorizes their job/task types very clearly. There are very specific job categories like “Pet Care” for instance, or even “Pay Bills,” all of which require a specific skill set. Tasktics categorizes job types this way because their Super Pins are thus categorized to fit into specific job descriptions and skill sets. Each Super Pin is not only screened and tested for skill set, they are also background-checked. That is a great assurance for someone like me, who doesn’t have the time to background check a helper when I need one. Thank you, Tasktics!

When posting a task, you will also need to specify a rate for the task you are posting. For the Personal Assistant job I needed, I posted a budget of Php1,000 for a six-hour period of service. Upon doing so, you will have to wait for Super Pins to reply to your Task posting, whereupon you’ll get to screen and select the Super Pin whom you feel best fits your requirements.


Lecel got the Personal Assistant job two days before I needed her to show up. That meant I had one day to talk to her on the phone, send her my to-do list, and be fully prepped for when I needed her that busy Saturday! Thanks to the Tasktics system, I was able to know Lecel’s direct contact details, such as her mobile phone and email address. (Read: No running around asking relatives for referrals to odd help, whose numbers aren’t updated (or who never answer their texts/phone calls!)

I have no photo of Lecel and myself during the event itself! But, here’s a snippet of some of the many tasks she did:


She made sure our raffle prizes of the event were giftwrapped neatly and presented on this display table. I didn’t have to even watch her do this; she basically followed the lead and general look/feel of the event. Brilliant work!

Look at the picture below: That’s Lecel in the bright pink dress, making sure all the guests were in their seats, had tokens/souvenirs, etc.


Lecel stayed with me to wrap up, all the way until the last guest left and the event stylist company had packed up the very last prop from the event. She was super reliable, and never left me for a second, but always remained in the fringes, ready for me to call on her when I needed her. She was truly an angel to this bumbling pregnant event host!

Upon completing her task, I marked her Tasktics profile and task as “Closed,” to signal to the main database that she could be credited her rate for the service she had rendered. I was able to leave a note of thanks as well on her profile:

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 11.03.31 PM


Thank you, Lecel, for a job well done! I look forward to hiring you again!

Thank you as well to Tasktics for orienting me on your system. The support team was very helpful in making sure I knew how to use the system easily and get my hiring/bidding done efficiently. I will definitely be using Tasktics again for future jobs and tasks that I don’t have the time for. What a life & time saver!

For more information on using Tasktics’ reliable and fast help-providing services, visit www.tasktics.com and register for a free account. You can “Like” them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TaskticsOfficial), and also follow Tasktics on Instagram @taskticsofficial


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