Linked In Basics for the Work at Home Mom

If you’re a work-at-home parent like me, a freelancer (also like me), and depend on the Internet for your livelihood (that would be me, again), then you’ve got to utilize certain tools to help boost your online presence. For me, blogging and social networking have been most effective in connecting me with clients. And one of the most useful social networks for me as a work-at-home mom and online professional, is LinkedIn.

What exactly is LinkedIn about?

I used to think LinkedIn was just a place to host my resume and credentials. I had no idea that I was under-utilizing it, until I realized its network-building potential for me as an online professional. This is because LinkedIn is the only social network connects people based on business, professional experience, and expertise. And as a work-at-home mom, connections, connections, connections are crucial to my WAHM-success.

Whether you’re a mompreneur or employee, you can benefit from LinkedIn. If you are a mompreneur, it can help you connect with potential partners or service providers. If you’re [Read more...]

Get The Right Clients With a Customer-Friendly Website

home 1One of the key components of your success as a freelancer is your personal website. It’s like your corner office, your desk, your war room, your portfolio all-in-one. Most importantly, it’s your online business card.

But more than all that, your website should be about your customers.

Remember: You need clients and customers in order for your freelance business or work at home venture to thrive. Therefore, it’s key to have a website that your target customers can navigate with ease. Your design and website functionality must lead your visitors to either subscribe to your mailing list, or better, hire you for your services. [Read more...]