Schedules of our WAHMderful Events for 2014

We’d like to announce our WAHMderul Workshop schedule for 2014! Hooray! We’ve got a whole year of goodies for all of you who would like to work from home or are presently working from home. Our schedule of events this year is in response to the requests we’ve had for hands-on workshops and learning events. Kindly refer to our official schedule in the poster below:

WAHMderful Workshops Schedule 2014

We’re very happy to introduce the WAHMderful MASTERMINDS, which are FREE for those who’ve attended or pre-paid for any of our 2014 workshops. The Masterminds are two-hour events, facilitated by a WAHM mentor or business mentor, and will be a place where you can take action on your learnings during our workshops.

Those who successfully complete the Masterminds and do the groundwork for setting up their own homebased businesses can qualify for the WAHMderful Pitch Party, where you can win a money grant to start your own business!!

For details, please email ginger@manilaworkshops or!

Start Your Year Right as a Work at Home Woman this 2014!

Start the year right! It will be an exciting year especially for us, work-at-home moms/dads (and even single peeps) and for those who are planning to work-from-home this 2014! There will be a lot of classes in store for you and the first workshop will be on January! and the collaborated to bring you the first workshop for 2014, entitled the WAHMderful Year-Starter. This workshop will be on January 18, 2014 from 10AM to 4PM. The venue will be at Insular Life Makati Multi-Purpose Hall, 12th Floor, Insular Life Building, Ayala Avenue corner Paseo De Roxas, Makati City.

WAHMderful Workshops Year Starter official


Our FIRST WAHMderful Life workshop for 2014 is going to be epic! We’ll have a half-day TIME MANAGEMENT strategy workshop, so you can eliminate stress and launch into your success this 2014! We’ll also have a morning brand & portfolio session, where you’ll learn how to get the clients you deserve.

The speakers for this event are Ms. Martine De Luna ( and Teresa Dumadag (

Learning Fee:

Early Bird Rate: Php 1200 per participant (sign up and pay before January 10, 2014)
Regular Rate: Php 1500 per participant (rate on January 11 onwards)
Group Rate: Php 1000 for 3 participants (Kindly form your own group)

*Pay via BPI, UnionBank or Paypal
*Includes handouts, lunch and snacks and a Certificate of Attendance
*Early Bird Registrants gets a FREE Learning Circle Card which entitles you to a 10% on all workshops of Manila Workshops for 2014

We really hope to see you there! Sign up now by using this form below:

A WAHMderful Weekend – Inspired and Blissed Out!

WAHMderful Weekend main

The WAHMderful “WAHMies” who attended the weekend celebration and learning day last Oct. 27. Photo courtesy of MR Lightworks Photography

It was an awesome day last October 27! The ladies of the WAHMderful Community got together to celebrate one year of the WAHMderful Workshops, and to learn as a sisterhood from some of the most passionate mentors in the work-at-home community.

I cannot express my joy enough at how the event wrapped up one beautiful year in a metaphoric “bow.” To give a brief rundown, here’s what comprised the last 12 months of this community:

  • We’ve had a wonderful year of events with Manila Workshops, who make each workshop possible. Even some of our WAHMs in the community have begun to work in Manila Workshops, like Patty Cuyugan, our tireless and “Darna” event director for each WAHMderful Workshop!
  • We’ve made friends within the community, some of which have borne fruit in terms of collaborations and partnerships, like Marge Aberasturi a.k.a The Happy WAHM and Jennyfer Tan, who are now partners in business through VA Support Pro.
  • We’ve become channels of blessings to other WAHMs within the community. We’ve helped our fellow sisters in the WAHMderful life to get hired as virtual assistants, writers, community managers, graphic designers, and more. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some WAHMs, like Veronica Cosio, Rigette Osoteo, and Sammy Tan, who are also members of our community.
  • We continue to grow and impact the local social media sphere as one of the most active and authentic online communities for work at home moms in Manila. (I do hope we grow and branch out to touch other countries!)

We don’t just support one another. We truly love one another! And this was evident during the WAHMderful event last Sunday. As the emcee for the day, I was doubly blessed to be able to meet the wonderful ladies who came, and to be able to give a talk as well. It was all a blur to me when the day ended (because I still blank out when I give talks, though people said they liked my talk!). But as the days have passed, and the post-weekend “high” has lingered, I’ve been able to take a step back and see that, yes, it was a great day for the WAHMs.

I’d like to thank —

  • Ginger and Patty of Manila Workshops — You ladies are awesome. These events for the WAHMs in Manila would never have been possible without the Manila Workshops team! I am SO looking forward to our workshops for 2014, which I know will rock the house as they did in 2013! Thank you for your tireless work to make things happen!
  • Our speakers, Apa Alviar, Yeng Remulla, and Ginger (again!) — Thanks for sharing your wisdom and insights. We were SO filled up, and we can’t wait to act on what we’ve learned. Thank you, Apa, for teaching us to discover our core, our heart as WAHMs, and for challenging us to firm up our missions. Thank you, Ginger, for the practical tips on entrepreneurship; you are truly a woman of many talents! Thank you, Yeng, for stirring us up to start something amazing as WAHMs; we’re all the more challenged to take action and really start a revolution, both as a movement and in our lives as mothers, as work-at-home moms.
  • Our “Huddle Up” coaches, Marge Aberasturi, Jenn Tan, Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag, Jayme Gatbonton — Thank you, ladies, for sharing your knowledge freely and generously! You are some of the most inspiring WAHMs, and we learned so much from your consultations, your personal experiences, your struggles and challenges as WAHMs. We’re all the better for knowing you all!
  • Our sponsors — DSM, Unilab, PLDT, Alta, CalChews, Xend, Insular Life, Toccare Spa, and our booth sponsors Kooky Loopy, A La Mode, Happy Finds, Pamper Me Pink: Thank you so greatly for supporting this event and making it happen! Your partnership made everything work — and work splendidly! Thank you especially to MR Lightworkz Photography for capturing our event so vividly and candidly: We would not have been able to enjoy the memories without you!

Finally, thank  you to ALL the ladies who attended the WAHMderful Weekend. Without you, we would not have a community; without you, we would not have been able to forge on with the mission to “make a living while making a home.” It’s because of ALL of you, dear participants, that we exist, that these workshops are what they are.

Here’s to your bliss, your “starts”, your missions, your “aha” moments, and your bliss!

Stay tuned to Manila Workshops’ newsletter for the latest events in the WAHMderful Life! Subscribe at





Thank you to our wonderful partners for the WAHMderful Weekend

sponsors WAHM Weekend

What being “WAHMderful” all about (and why I hope to see you at the WAHMderful Weekend)

home is where the heart is

Source: Lollyjane

This verse from the Bible encapsulates what being a “WAHMderful” woman is all about, doesn’t it? 

It’s been almost one year since we held the very first WAHMderful Life workshop. Back then, we had no idea that the community of work at home moms here in Manila would swell to such a thriving, supportive sisterhood. In the last year, we’ve had a total of FIVE successful WAHMderful workshops, each focusing on a different aspect of the work-life dance of the WAHM.

We’ve met hundreds of women through our active private Facebook community for moms in the Philippines, the Manila Work-at-Home Moms. (Join us! We’re fun.)

Our first event, with over 40 eager ladies, October 26, 2012.

The second WAHMderful Workshop, “Real Ways to be a WAHM”, with over 70 participants, in January 2013.

The third workshop, “Real Ways to be a WAHM: Virtual Assistance & Freelance Writing,” April 2013.


The 4th Workshop, “WAHMeo: How to Build Your Online Business” last June 2013.

real ways 5

The 5th WAHMderful “Real Ways to Be a WAHM” Workshop, August 31.

Within the WAHM community, several others have connected, too. Some have partnered to form new businesses with the work-at-home workforce. Others have simply become good friends, united by an invisible bond of sisterhood and support. And many more have been touched (however virtually) by the online community that goes on daily, each time we log on to the Facebook group.

It’s been one good year.

And as we celebrate this one good year on October 27, we can be sure that there are more good things to come. (And yes, it’s more then just the workshops!)

Pressing on, WAHMderfully

As the founder of this very “cute” group of WAHMs, I get asked a lot about why I work from home, or why I created a community. In the last three going four years, my answers have changed quite a bit. “I like the flexibility,” was an early reason, as was “I enjoy being able to stay at home while caring for my son.”

Eventually, as the community blossomed (mainly due to the boom of the WAHMderful Workshops collaboration with Manila Workshops), and I learned that the heart of why we work from home is so much deeper than any practical reason.

Being a WAHM is not an easy job. Maintaining the “dance” and integrating our work with our family life is more than mere multi-tasking: It’s a way of life.

And this is why we press on. The WAHMderful Weekend will be our last event for the year. In many ways, it will be a celebration of one wonderful year of collaborations, learning, support and sisterhood. It is a day that will highlight the very best of the work-at-home life. It will be a time — a once-in-a-blue moon opportunity, at that! — where we will have uber-talented experts in life planning, goal setting, starting up, and home-work integration, all under one roof.

It will be a most memorable experience where the “WAHMderful tribe” unites again with a renewed purpose. As like-minded women, mothers, and even men (for the dads who will be there), we will continue to uphold our right to work from home, and press on in the greater mission that is in our hearts:

To be WHOLE and COMPLETE as women, as we do what we are good at — our jobs — while being with the people who make us want to be our best — our families.

And that, really, is what being WAHMderful is all about.

In the end, it’s not about the “work” of freelancing, of running a home-based business, of working remotely so that we can put food on the table and a roof over our heads.

At the heart of it all, living a WAHMderful life is about living our best lives, as parents, as providers, and living passionately towards our life’s purpose.

I hope to see you there at the WAHMderful Weekend! We’re taking registrations up until next week. For more information, go directly to the official workshop information page at Manila Workshops: The WAHMderful Weekend, Oct 27, 2013.



Need WAHM advice? Ask these ladies next Sunday.


Are you getting rich, WAHM?

Photo Credit: LiuTao via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: LiuTao via Compfight cc

One of my goals is to be financially free and fit. For my family, this doesn’t mean aspiring to a life of excess or luxury. We don’t want Louis Vuitton luggage or five-star vacations in European spas (unless, of course, we really were into those things and money wasn’t an issue). My family desires a worry-free way of life, where money is not a burden, but a useful tool. We don’t want to have money for the sake of money. Rather, we want money because we know it can be used for things that can help us maintain a worry-free way of life. For us, this means —

  • Being free from debt;
  • Being able to set aside funds for savings, for retirement, for vacations and fun stuff;
  • Being independently stable as providers for our family;
  • Being able to enjoy ourselves sensibly, without worrying about the price of things or activities

In short, it means having enough and then some.

The thing is, this isn’t always easy to achieve! We’ve not even met these goals perfectly, though we’re enjoying our lives comfortably, for now. However, I know that things will only work out for us financially if we are proactive as a family when it comes to working out our finances. The only way we’ll be able to ensure our bright and secure financial future is by approaching finances intentionally, with a clear purpose and goal in mind, for every member of the family.

This is where the Ready to Be Rich: Family Finances Workshop  will be of great help! In this workshop by Manila Workshops, we can learn how manage and balance our family’s budget, and more.

This workshop is for:

  • Couples who are finding it hard to budget their income to sustain the needs of their family.
  • Breadwinners who are taking care of their parents, or involved in elder care at home.
  • Single parents who are finding it hard to achieve work-life balance.
  • Newlyweds who would like to know how to become financially independent from their parents.
  • People who have relatives who depend on them financially.

Expect to get practical advice and real-life exercises that will teach you exactly how to achieve financial security for your family. After the workshop, you are expected to go home with a list of action items for your household and a concrete work plan that you can immediately apply.

Here are some questions that you’ll be able to answer after the workshop:

  1. How can I save money if my income is just enough to support my family?
  2. How do I teach my child to be financially smart?
  3. How should I handle family members and relatives who constantly borrow money?
  4. How do I manage my finances so it can support the medical expenses of my aging parents?
  5. How can I invest if I’m too busy working and taking care of my children?
  6. How do I secure the educational needs of my child?
  7. How can I afford my dream house?
  8. How should I prepare for retirement, so I won’t be dependent on my children when I grow old?

About the instructor

Fitz Gerard Villafuerte is a civil engineer who decided to quit the corporate world in 2003 to pursue entrepreneurship.

His blog, entitled, Ready To Be Rich, has already received several recognitions including the Best Business and Finance Blog at the Philippine Blog Awards for two years in a row. Moreover, an international finance publication, Wise Bread, has likewise ranked his website as among the Top 100 Personal Finance blogs in the world. Fitz has also been recognized by Moneysense Magazine as among the top 12 most influential people in Personal Finance in the Philippines.

This workshop will be held on November 9, 2013 (Saturday) from 10am to 4pm. The venue will be at Studio SnR, 3/F Millenium Plaza Building, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas CBD, Pasig City.

Wonderful Discounts for WAHMderful Readers!

Thanks to the awesome team behind this event, we have a special treat for you, my WAHMderful readers! When you register for the Ready To Be Rich: Family Finances Workshop, just enter the referral code: “wahmderful” to get P200 off your registration fee! There’s also an Early Bird Rate if you register before November 2 and a special couple rate of P3000!!! That’s a steal!

To register for the Ready To Be Rich: Family Finances Workshop, just click here. I have a workshop on that day, but I urge you all to attend! Fitz is an amazing financial whiz!

Again, enter the code — wahmderful — to get P200 off your registration fee! Register NOW, just click here.

Learn from the Best in Life – Work – Freedom: Keynote Speakers for WAHMderful Weekend

We’re SO excited to present you with our Keynote Speakers for the WAHMderful Weekend! These speakers are among the best in the fields of entrepreneurship, work-life integration, goal achievements, freelancing, and creative living.

We’re honored to have high-acclaimed author and entrepreneur YENG REMULLA of I am a Productive Pinoy! and Start Learning PH as one of our Keynote Speakers for the WAHMderful Weekend! An entrepreneur, best-selling author, public speaker — as well as a husband & dad — Yeng is an advocate of entrepreneurship, arts, and lifelong learning.

Yeng WAHM Weekend


Want to accomplish your FINANCE GOALS, your FAMILY DREAMS, and even your PERSONAL DESIRES? Then you have to be at APA ALVIAR’S session on “Life Purpose Planning” this October 27 at the WAHMderful Weekend! Apa is a certified Human Resources Facilitator, and specializes in helping individuals — especially moms & dads — achieve their goals exuberantly! He’ll help you tune into your Life Purpose, so that you can grow towards success as a WAHMie!

Apa WAHM Weekend

Do you want to make more money so that you can achieve a freedom-lifestyle that let’s you set up a side business, or generate more income while still rocking it out as a telecommuter/outsourced employee? GINGER ARBOLEDA of Mommy Ginger and Manila Workshops is the lady to listen too, then! And she’ll give you insider tips on how to create multiple income streams that can fuel your “WAHM-eo” dreams. Be there for Ginger’s talk, “The Art of the ‘RAKET’,” only at the WAHMderful Weekend this October 27!

Ginger WAHM Weekend

How did an ordinary mom launch an award-winning blog, create the most active community of work-at-home moms in Manila, setup a creative business built on her skills & passions, and set off on a mission to empower other women to make a living while making a home? Martine De Luna tells you her story — and will give you tips — on how to create a LIFESTYLE of FREEDOM that integrates your calling as a wife & mom with meaningful work. Martine is the founder of the WAHMderful Life Community, a Director of the WAHMderful Life Workshops (a collaboration with Manila Workshops), an award-winning blogger at, and a Blog & Writing Coach at

Martine WAHM Weekend

Get WAHMderful. Live and work purposefully, happily.

REGISTER HERE to avail of Php500 OFF, until TONIGHT, Oct 10:

Super Savings for the WAHMderful Weekend (Oct 1 – 10 Only!)

Hear ye, hear ye! It’s a SAVINGS kind of day! Get Php500 OFF your Registration fee for the WAHMderful Weekend on Oct. 27! Pay between October 1 to 10, and get into the summit for just Php2,000! (Regular price: Php2,500) Details in the poster!
To register, go here:

WAHM Weekend Sale Graphic1

We all need to keep on working to be better moms!

I’m an insatiable learner. People who know me well know it. If I’m not reading books related to the business I’m in, I’m taking premium online courses, or being mentored by someone I look up to. I get fresh new insights each day, to be honest!

Over the next few months, my partners in learning Manila Workshops, will be having workshops that are geared towards helping us become better moms. These two workshops will be spearheaded by some of the most passionate parents I’ve ever met, who all have valuable insights on child-rearing and parenting.

[Read more...]