Thoughtful Thursdays: Is Time Management Possible for the Busy WAHM?

time management

Time management. Seems like such an insurmountable task, doesn’t it? Especially for the work at home mom. In between chores, child care and work (not to mention those often stressful client troubleshooting situations), it often seems like Time would rather kick us square in the pants than give us a break!

I know. I get you. I also struggle with managing my time. Through the years, though, I’ve kind of learned along the way about how to make things work, including the way I manage my time. I don’t have

I actually shared my work schedule a few weeks ago with those who attended the Real Ways to be a WAHM Workshop, and was completely honest with the participants. “This is my ideal work schedule,” I said, “But it’s really just a guide!” In fact, while I do find it helpful to allot certain days for editing, for research and for personal learning, I still find myself having to mix things up when matters of family and home come into play.

Of course, it’s inevitable. I’m a work at home MOM, aren’t I?

I’ve been asked by many women how I manage doing everything. The truth is: I just try to keep things as simple as possible. [Read more...]

Are You Focusing on What You Do Best?

Dirty kitchen

Has your kitchen ever looked like this on a typical work-at-home day? I know mine has. Sometimes when I sit down to work in the morning (or in some cases, late at night), I find that I an get so absorbed in editing, or writing, or working on a consultation project or social media copy… that I forget about other things — like cleaning up after breakfast before the “it’s-time-to-make-lunch-Martine” alarm sounds off on my phone.

Can you relate?

Yeah, I see those nods. I see those raised hands, and I hear those “Amens!”

Often, things like chores, errands, kids, and work pile up on us as moms. Why? Well, it’s a tendency among work-at-homemakers to multi-task, that’s why. Sometimes in our “quest” to feel in control and on top of our homes and our families and our work, we start juggling more than we can manage. It’s not a pretty thing at all. In fact, the juggling act makes us more tired, often ineffective, and less productive than we thought we could be! [Read more...]

Review: “How to be a Work at Home Mom” ebook by The Mom Writes

This review originally appeared on Dainty Mom (February 2012).

I’ve been working at home for a year and half now. It just came naturally for me to do so, after I became a mom. I started doing freelance writing on the side, while I was still an employee. Eventually, I started writing full-time, and managed to get jobs from online forums and freelance writing job boards. I eventually set up my own system for working from home, from managing my household duties, the baby, my clients, and my blogging.

I really felt my way around, learning as I went, documenting my life lessons here on the blog, in hopes that I would be able to work out this work-at-home lifestyle I had chosen to live. That’s because I didn’t have one go-to guide that could help me navigate this world of the work-at-home mom. Until, one day, one of my blogging heroes came up with one! And I’m SO glad that she did. [Read more...]

WAHM Resource: HatchedIt Digital Planner

This review originally appeared in Dainty Mom (February 2012).

According to, the job of family CEO should pay $134,121.00 per year.  That family CEO is known by a more common household (pun intended) name: MOM. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a mom who has chosen to work from home, being a home manager is an executive-level position that entailsmanaging multiple schedules within tight budgetary constraints, while staying focused on the emotional and physical needs of others.

hatchedit_logoThis was the seed behind, a new online productivity and home management tool specifically created to assist the chief executive officer of every family:  MOM. Just as executives in the professional world have access to many tools that allow them to streamline how they manage their business,’s aim is to fundamentally change the way moms and family CEOs manage their life. [Read more...]