5 Non-Expert Tips on How to Make WAHMing Work for You

making WAHMing work

Last night, I gave a talk at co.Lab on how to “work with your kids in mind” while you’re a homebased working mom. I’m no “expert” at WAHMing (not that anyone is), so I just shared the life lessons that I’d gleaned from my three years as an active work-at-home mom. I began the talk by laying down a mindset, one that we in the WAHMderful Life Workshops are familiar with: In the same way that being a mom might not be for every woman, working from home is not really everyone’s ideal work setup either. Working outside the traditional confines of an office is freeing, yes, but when you add a kid (or several) into the mix, you have a work-home setup that is twice as challenging to work out.

This is why for me, working from home while raising a child has been one of the greatest achievements I’ve ever made. It’s my chosen lifestyle, but it’s not easy; it involves a lot of figuring-out, a lot of system revisions, lots of interrupted schedules, postponed meetings, “kid” emergencies, and the daily grind of the three “Ls” as we call it in Filipino: luto, linis, laba (cooking, cleaning, laundry).

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