Where it all began: The WAHM 101 Workshop

In October of 2012, we held our first workshop ever for the work-at-home moms in Manila. We had a full house — 45 women in all — who came together to know more about the meaning of working from home and making a home. It’s hard to believe that after two years, and ten workshops later, we’re still here! And from the initial 45 workshoppers, our online community of WAHMs has boomed. We’re over 1,200 members in our private online community on Facebook, and we’re growing more and more.

We started with a panel of “guest WAHMs”:

We grew from workshop to workshop. We reached an attendance of 70+ at one time:

And we just kept on going, until the community began to connect with one another. Some formed business partnerships, others found job leads through our Facebook groups, and even started doing their own learning events and workshops. Through time, our Facebook group gained a reputation for being one of the most genuine and supportive online groups for local work-at-home moms.

All this makes us happy. It’s been a good two years! And we only want to get better and better.

From the first 101 workshop, much has happened, and a lot has changed in terms of what we know now about the WAHM landscape. That’s why this workshop is an updated version of the first one we did last year, the very first time we connected and communed with the WAHMs here in Manila:

We’re excited to see you on June the 28th! The early bird rate is a super steal at Php1,000, and comes with lunch and your workshop materials. We’ve never offered the workshop this low before, and considering that the content is wholly different from our first workshop, we know that you won’t want to miss this, even if you were there on the first run last October 2012.

WAHMderful Workshops 101 - 2014

We’ll be talking about:

  • how to make the jump from working girl to WAHM (actual steps we took to transition)
  • how to create a need for your services, even if you have never worked from home before. (strategies on creating your own job, so that you will use your skills to start working from home, even if you’re still employed)
  • what you can learn from real WAHMs who’ve made mistakes but have risen to experience success in the work at home lifestyle. You’ll learn from our panel of three very special and inspiring WAHMs!

Plus, you’ll be getting goodies from our sponsor, Unilab!

We hope to see you there with the other WAHMs in Manila! You can sign up right away:

The Most Important Action You Need to Take if You Want to be a Work at Home Mom



I am an impulsive person, a “let’s do this!” type, a go-getter. It’s a trait that has gotten me into some trouble in the past, let me tell you. There have been times when my excitement to do things resulted in some pretty bad consequences. (I’ve learned my lessons, I promise.)

However, I’ve learned that there’s a way to channel this impulsiveness, this “let’s-do-this!” attitude towards the positive. 

In fact, it’s this go-getter attitude that was a kind of “seed” in my work-at-home life.

Working from home was something I didn’t have to think twice about, when the idea popped into my head. It was something I wanted to happen, even if I had no clear idea of how I’d earn a living while I was at home all day. When the last day of my 8 to 5 job was upon me and I had packed up my desk, I still had no real idea if I could survive financially without the “salary umbilical cord.” It was a time when I pretty much played everything by ear: I was a new mom (my son was just 4 months when I handed in my 1-month resignation notice), and I was going to leave the world of office employment to be a freelance writer for the first time ever.


… even if I had no idea how to be a mom, and no idea how to work as a freelancer… [Read more...]