Can You Maintain a Steady Income as a Work-at-Home Mom? Some Thoughts.

One of the most common concerns of would-be or potential working moms is: “Will I have a steady income as a work at home mom?” As a mom who had a steady income from a job with a monthly salary, I can understand. I know how difficult it is to think of giving up that employee status and security of the monthly income. However, it is possible to make the transition from working girl to work at home woman or mom, and to have a regular stream of income coming in. There just needs to be some kind of “prep time” before you cut ties.

Start slow, at first

One option to consider when you’re starting off is freelancing, especially if you are still at an office-based job. In fact, many moms begin WAHM-ing this way: They opt to do outsourced work with the goal of achieving a regular stream of supplemental income, which can eventually become a full time source of income.
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