Review: “How to be a Work at Home Mom” ebook by The Mom Writes

This review originally appeared on Dainty Mom (February 2012).

I’ve been working at home for a year and half now. It just came naturally for me to do so, after I became a mom. I started doing freelance writing on the side, while I was still an employee. Eventually, I started writing full-time, and managed to get jobs from online forums and freelance writing job boards. I eventually set up my own system for working from home, from managing my household duties, the baby, my clients, and my blogging.

I really felt my way around, learning as I went, documenting my life lessons here on the blog, in hopes that I would be able to work out this work-at-home lifestyle I had chosen to live. That’s because I didn’t have one go-to guide that could help me navigate this world of the work-at-home mom. Until, one day, one of my blogging heroes came up with one! And I’m SO glad that she did. [Read more...]