Studiopress’s Mompreneur Child Theme, Great for WAHMeos!

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There’s just no excuse for mompreneurs and WAHMeos to not have their own website. I wrote about the importance of WAHMs having their own websites, and I just can’t stress it enough, especially in this day and age of the “she-conomy,” as Natalie MacNeil says (of She Takes on the World fame). Too many mom businessowners are depending on platforms like Facebook or Multiply to sell their wares, without giving much thought on building their online presence through a custom domain and self-hosted website.

Remember: Having your own website allows you to have complete control over your business, both online and offline.

Now, thanks to Studiopress, mom-business owners have a good option to consider, if they are ready to set up shop on their own home online. Mompreneurs, you can now buy a ready-to-use blog & shop theme for your online business, with MomPreneur, a child theme. This theme integrates two key elements of a mom-owned business: A blog and an e-commerce platform! Because really, these two components are all you need to establish a professional website that sells your products 24/7. [Read more...]