WAHM Resource: HatchedIt Digital Planner

This review originally appeared in Dainty Mom (February 2012).

According to Salary.com, the job of family CEO should pay $134,121.00 per year.  That family CEO is known by a more common household (pun intended) name: MOM. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a mom who has chosen to work from home, being a home manager is an executive-level position that entailsmanaging multiple schedules within tight budgetary constraints, while staying focused on the emotional and physical needs of others.

hatchedit_logoThis was the seed behind HATCHEDit.com, a new online productivity and home management tool specifically created to assist the chief executive officer of every family:  MOM. Just as executives in the professional world have access to many tools that allow them to streamline how they manage their business, HATCHEDit.com’s aim is to fundamentally change the way moms and family CEOs manage their life. [Read more...]