Shifting from a Freelancing to a WAHMeo Mindset

I’m currently a part-time employee, part-time freelancing WAHM. I have a part-time job as an editor of a small magazine, and at the same time, I have a freelance creative media sideline that serves a roster of clients who regularly tap me for copy and consulting. I’m loving it, but this year, I feel the need to really step up for a big change.

What kind of change exactly?

That of establishing a full-time business, doing these things that I enjoy doing for my clients on a full time basis.

I began working this way out of necessity. I was coming from a job where I lacked a sense of purpose and direction (ergo, it was destined to be a dead-end job); no one was investing in me (the company directors had no intention of supporting my continuing education); and, the compensation for what I was doing was just, well… you know.

Yeah, I was ready for a change.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” — Confucious  — This was my adage.

I left my former full-time teaching job and secured part-time employment at a media company that lets me keep my own schedule, work via a telecommuting/home-based arrangement, and leverage my creative writing skills towards editorial projects. I also began freelancing, mostly through my mommy blog, Dainty Mom.

From one client that I “met” through Craigslist, I progressed to several other clients, all of whom I “met” through my blog or in freelancing platforms online. I’ve been doing a mix of social media work, content creation, and editorial management. I enjoyed the fact that I could “switch on” work whenever I wanted to, and work in a way that could help me have more time for my family. [Read more...]

New Workshop: Brand and Build Your Online Biz! {WAHMeo Series}

Our newest workshop series, the WAHMeo Series, features a suite of training sessions geared towards work-at-home mompreneurs. If you want to know how to build and launch a homebased, online business, then this is the training series for you!

Want to launch an online business from home, but don’t know where to begin? Are you looking for better ways to manage and market your online store? Do you want to spend more time with your family, while running a business that you are passionate about, which gives you the sales you need to live a life that you love?

Learn the building blocks to running a business, setting up an online store for your products and services. Do this all while raising your kids and running a home. We show you how, through the Brand and Build your Online Biz Workshop, a 101 learning event for work at home mothers who want to run an online business. This event is part of a series of WAHMeo Series by the WAHMderful Life Workshops.

Topics included: [Read more...]