Apps and Devices Every Work On-The-Go Mom Needs


This is a guest post by Julia Sta. Romana of Wailings of a WAHM

The thing I like most about being a work at home mom is it has given me the freedom to work at home and practically anywhere I want.

Because when you really think about it, work-at-home moms don’t really stay at home all the time to work. We run errands, shop for groceries, pick up the kids, etc. With the right tools and software you can squeeze in more work while waiting or commuting, making you more productive and freeing up more time for the family and yourself.

Having these devices and software has helped me stay on top of work every time I go out of the house. And the great thing about these devices is that they don’t break the bank and most of the apps I use are free. So here’s a comprehensive list of hardware and software I use and any Techie WAHM would need to keep work or business going even while on the go!

Let’s start with the usual combo:

Netbook. Offline or online, having a small, light netbook has allowed me to stay-up-to-date with deadlines and writing assignments. They’re cheaper than laptops, small enough to be carried in a regular sized purse and light enough that I can use it practically anywhere. [Read more...]